Re-upholstery Services

There’s an old saying, “make do, fix it up, or do without”.  In today’s economy, replacing furniture can become an expensive proposition. Good furniture can be reupholstered at a fraction of the cost of buying new.  And don’t forget about the savings in taxes, packaging, shipping, and freight, as well as warehousing, storage, and installation fees on new furniture.

How we operate

Over the past 35 years we have developed a formula that will help any hotel/resort plan their renovation. We will come to your property to do an on-site inspection of your furniture. We will then give you a written proposal, including yardage, time requirements, and cost. We pre-cut and pre-sew all of the fabric at our Phoenix plant where we have all the high-tech equipment to save you time and money.  Half the work is now done before we ever arrive at your property.

Depending upon the hotels needs, wood touch-up and finish work is usually done on-site, using time tested methods that are fast, clean, efficient and long lasting.  We restore the furniture according to the prearranged schedule, acting in the most professional manner.

In addition to offering re-upholstery services to hotels and resorts, we also provide these same services to the general public. For residential re-upholstery services, all of the work is performed at our Phoenix plant. For more information regarding residential re-upholstery you may contact either of our two furniture showrooms.

What we offer

  • Cost: Refinishing, repair, and touch-up can be done at a fraction of the cost of new furniture.
  • Results: Your furniture looks brand new again.
  • Design: Talk to our professionals about changing the appearance of your furniture to accommodate a new design.
  • Process: Half the job is done before the crew arrives on your property.
  • Selection: We have many fabrics and designs from which you can choose.  Please speak to one of our professionals about all of your options.
  • Professional conduct: Our crews are experienced and they understand the pressures a hotel faces to keep their guest satisfied.
  • Honesty: Our experience has taught us what is possible and what must be done in order to complete a project.  We make commitments we know we can honor.
  • Pacing: We understand how much work a project will require.  We have years of experience with hotel schedules and furniture handling. Once we begin a project, the client can be assured every attempt will be made to meet schedules and ensure the completion date of the project.
  • Well equipped: We understand what it will take to complete your job and we equip accordingly.
  • Professional conduct: Our crews are experienced and they understand the pressures a hotel faces to keep their guest satisfied.
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