FF&E Installation Services

In 1987, at the request of some of our major clients, IRCA added the FF&E Installation to our growing list of Hospitality services. IRCA saw the need for a company with a great reputation and professional attitude in this segment of the industry.

IRCA crews are well trained and well supervised craftsmen experienced in all facets of FF&E installation/liquidation. All employees are covered by our liability and workman’s compensation insurance, thereby taking the burden away from you and your property.  We are licensed and bonded as required in each state.

IRCA can also provide warehousing and transportation, which helps in coordination and scheduling your furniture installations.

Our Expertise

The expertise and dedication to each project ensures clients a maximum value for their FF&E liquidation and installation. This includes keeping to a strict schedule, acting professional at all times, the ability to work with other contractors, and keeping open lines of communication to the properties representatives.

The IRCA commitment to quality workmanship using trained, in-house professionals ensures a successful project of the highest caliber and a project completed on schedule.

Where we Operate

With projects in Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Canada, New York, Washington, California and many states in between, we have proven our ability to go where ever needed to complete a major renovation project on time and exceeding our client’s expectations.  Our expertise and dedication to each project insures our clients of maximum value for their FF & E dollar.

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