FF&E Services - Amoire Modification
One of the fastest growing trends in the area of electronics and televisions is the surgence of plasma televisions. Consumers more and more are changing from the conventional tube televisions to plasmas. 

This trend is also continuing in the hotel industry. One of the challenges that this can create for hotels is the need to change from the traditional television armoire to a console cabinet that the plasma television can be placed on top of. 

IRCA offers a great solution to this challenge: armoire modification. 
In many cases the television armoire, if wide enough to accomadate the size of plasma television the hotel is purchasing can be utilized to create a console cabinet. In the modification, the top half of the armoire may be able to be cut off creating now a console cabinet. IRCA can then install a finished top of wood, granite, marble or other requested materials on the console cabinet. 

The benefits of doing an armoire modification are:
  • cost savings over purchasing new furniture
  • console cabinet gauranteed to match existing furniture
  • completed by skilled craftspeople that specialize in this service to the hospitality industry

If you have any questions regarding armoire modifications
for your property please contact us at 800-266-6019 or in 
Arizona at 602-971-6019

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